Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Recipes are Refreshing

My thirteen year old walked in from a stressful day at school, picked up a recipe book and made custard.  I was oblivious to his project until I saw the creamy yellow pudding cooling in a bowl of ice water.  Cooking is relaxing for him.  He is not afraid to try new methods.  This custard did not set before he ate it but he has tried something I have yet to do.

Over the summer when the raw ingredients in our house were flour, sugar, milk and eggs, I made flan for the first time.  It was great fun, felt elegant but didn't use any "exotic" ingredients.  If one is a little afraid of cooking there is no better way than to read a recipe book.  I like books that are from country cooks or small towns.  These recipes are delicious, most of the time from scratch and simple.

Breakfast:  Baked Potatoes for some and leftover pasta for others with milk
Lunch/Dinner:  Chicken noodle soup - I started the chicken boiling after breakfast, peeled carrots, and chopped celery at noon, chopped the boiled chicken while the carrots were boiling in the same water the chicken had boiled, added curly egg noodles, flavored it with bouillon cubes and a little salt.  The soup served the family for lunch and dinner.  (It was ready and savory on a cold winter night.  I could take two of the children shopping with a clear conscience).

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