Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Power of Touch

The most profound lessons come in the simplest packages.  The lesson learned: touch is a powerful tool to bond two people.  I had been out of town for three days supporting one of the older children in her activities. My youngest at the tender age of three was left home with siblings.  She seemed totally unaffected by my absence.  She was not clingy or teary.  Nevertheless, upon returning just in case she needed some extra nurturing, I decided to make a conscious effort to hold her, to hug her, to give kisses, to stroke her hair, to pat her as she walked by, to touch her arm when I was talking to her, to look at her when I passed her glass of milk.... Within a day she was returning me the favor.    Spontaneously she would exclaim, "Mom, I love you." Over the next two days, her little arms would wind themselves around my neck time and time again  to whisper in my ear "I love you."

I smiled because I had not been telling her "I love you." with every touch.  Yet, she understood love from every touch.  I remembered an experienced mother telling me that at one point as she struggled with one of her sons the thought came to her to "touch him."  So at every family meal while pouring all the glasses of water, she made a point to put her hand on his shoulder for those brief seconds behind his chair.  She reported "It made all the difference."

I wonder how many marriages would be sources of supreme trust, joy, and comfort if we would simply increased the frequency of touch with kindness and caring.  Can a masterpiece be wrought without the "touch of the Master's hand?"

There are no eggs in the house today.  Brainstorming what we have on hand and what could be done with them on the way home from church yielded the following list of goodies for the afternoon snacks:

Apple crisp
Egg-less chocolate cake with fudge sauce
No bake chocolate oatmeal cookies
Raw cookie dough without eggs

I suppose there are many other treats we could make but the children though of these.
I am glad they considered life full of opportunities not the lack thereof.


  1. I just found your blog tonight I really enjoyed reading about your love of God, family & food. I'm the mother of 7, wish I knew about this food preparation & freezing stuff when they were all younger... lol... We are down to our baby who's 13, 5'10 & 160lb football player...he doesn't look like a baby for sure... but he knows he's ours:) Anyway, thanks for your story on touch...very powerful...Just wanted to let you know, you are touching people with your words:)) God Bless!

    1. Thank you for you consideration. Life passes far too swiftly. We don't know it all when we should have or could have. God designed it that way. Just keep learning and sense of humor to help our children keep learning too.