Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Dinner

The hustle and bustle of preparing for Sunday dinner rivaled the Christmas Season in our home today.  Orders were given to put the butter on a plate, retrieve the baked potatoes from the oven, slice the pork roast, and place the green salad on the dinner table.  A teen age daughter was making peanut butter cookies, and the 13 year old son wanted dinner rolls.  He would have to make them if he wanted them.  So above the din I was giving directions for a simple batch of rolls (the same recipe as bread with a little more sugar and white flour)  He complained, It's too much work."  At that, I pointedly asked, "Did you say it was too much work?  Get the mixing bowl."   He proceeded to make the rolls.

"4 cups warm water" in the direction of the Dinner rolls.
"Now stir the apples for apple crisp," to the little help next to me.
"3 TBS yeast and 1/2 cup sugar" again over my shoulder to the first time bread maker.
"Could someone put the sour cream in a decorative bowl - not the 5 pound carton," called to the person who set the table.
"8 cups of flour and use the one cup measuring cup.  The four cup measuring cup won't fit in the canister."
"1 TBS salt and 1/3 cup oil or butter if the rolls are to be deluxe," concluded the roll recipe.

"Now sprinkle cinnamon on the apples and top them with this crisp topping mixture and into the oven.  You're finished making apple crisp."

Crisp Topping:  1 cup flour, 1 cup oats, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup butter cut into the dry ingredients until it is the size of green  peas.  I like to make a large batch (4X) and put it in a gallon size bag in the freezer to make Crisp dishes quickly and easily.

Finally the rolls were mixed and I formed a cookie sheet of quick little buns that raised while we ate.  The dinner rolls were a great snack 1- 1/2 hours after dinner had been cleared. Undaunted, we sat together, we ate together and laughed and cried a little as we talked about the future husbands and wives of each of the children.   The feeling of excitement, anticipation and family at Christmas Dinner isn't much better than a Sunday Dinner together.

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