Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day - Accepting Risk

Good parents help their children accept risks.  It is a risk to go to school, to say "Hi" to a stranger, and to try a sport never before attempted.  Our nation has reached its greatest heights of success because of brave individuals, teams, a communities that wanted to take a risk starting a small business, introducing a new flavor of ice cream, or a new way to market a hamburger.  So on Labor Day when we celebrate the working citizens of America, I will celebrate those who take the chance to be successful even if it mean giving up the security of a guaranteed paycheck.  I will celebrate parents who create safe ways to for their children to take risks in their homes.  This builds creative and self assured individuals.

Today, our family ate at a Mongolian Grill that allows each person to not only pick the meats, vegetables and pasta's in his stir fry but it also lets the patron pick the flavors in which to fry the mix.
My children have enjoyed trying squid, tofu, baby corns, and a flavors as basic as a sweet and sour to a garlic hoisin sauce.  The adventuresome  have made both terrific and awful creations.  If it doesn't work then starting over is permitted.  The not so eccentric can assemble a simple version of Ramen noodles, but if he wants to eat, every person has to create and take a risk that it will taste good.

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