Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Trips to the grocery store for 3 months!

NO trips to the grocery store for three months. The challenge was issued to me a year ago. As I contemplated 2010 resolutions, this seems to be the time to do it. I may be crazy and my children may starve but it's a challenge for a red blooded American and we can at least try.

It has been 12 days since we last purchased milk and eggs. The next seven days the list of items we didn't have on hand grew. We needed another case of diapers and more formula. We went shopping again and now our larders are full. It will do us good to get to the back of the pantry and clear the shelves of neglected boxes and cans that have accumulated through the months. I tell myself that someday I will need these extra cans of who knows what. Someday is here. Time to use what we have or do without. There is no one right way to be prepared. Every family is different and dynamics change. Preparation is a Daily Task. Nevertheless to be truly prepared one needs to practice to strengthen weak points so - here we go. Dinner is waiting.


  1. Very great idea! I'm excited to follow your blog and Excited to do this with our own family.

  2. This is great! My DH lost his job last September. I always do have considerable food storage, but we had several months to prepare, so I really worked on squirreling away lots of food. Now he has retired, and money will be quite tight for a while. It is wonderful that I can buy either nothing, if I wish, or very little, at the grocery store! Best wishes on your endeavor!

  3. It's good that you went ahead and got fresh produce, etc... in advance. Even SHEEPLE run to the store at the last minute before the hurricane comes.